I am a Toronto, Ontario based photographer and image maker. Photography defines the artistic side of me. It is etching a story or a poem or a lark's song with light. I revel in the bounties of nature and awe its beauty - an image of a fragrant flower lit by the rising sun or a sunset that alights the sky fiery, or the thunderous roar of a waterfall .  I tell stories of weddings and promises of everlasting friendship, bonding and love. I make images of infants, children, men, women and families (portraits) that speak their story to the world.  

Welcome to my world of artisanal image making - it is exciting and I want to share it with you.  

I would like to be your portrait (formal, casual or thematic), family, events, pre-wedding (engagement) photographer. You may connect with me through the 'Contact' link, or facebook/instagram
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