Two Lifelines
I had shot an image 'Life lines' when I made a visit to Ladakh in 2018.
The image is of NH1A and the river Indus flowing alongside each other - two lifelines - one a necessity for life and other for the nation's integrity.
Moon had risen and the fog was rolling into the valleys. As the vehicle made its way on the highway, I saw that it took a sharp turn right a few miles ahead. I anticipated that I might see the river flow next to the highway from a vantage point ahead. I dialled in a long exposure shutter speed and got mounted my camera on a tripod that I had previously set solidly inside the vehicle. It just so happened that I was presented with a scene that was somewhat akin to my imagination. I had peremptorily requested my driver to be ready for pulling over for a 40 second stop (enough to shoot two images) when I requested. In about 5 minutes we arrived at the right hand bend and a few minutes later my driver chose a safe spot to pull over for me to make my shot.
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